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The Madd Kappa Rho Chapter

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Whether it's Sigma or Zeta, it's all Phi Beta...

As the only fraternity and sorority "constitutionally" bound together, Zetas and Sigmas share a bond that is often imitated, but never duplicated in the Greek Universe. This bond lies deeper than the ones "CLAIMED" by the Alphas and the AKAs, the Omegas and the Deltas, or the Kappas and the Sigma Gamma Rhos. This bond is recognized by both Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. headquarters. This bond is "CONSTITUTIONALLY TRUE" in nature, and realistic all across the universe. This bond is internationally known, locally recognized, and publicly accepted. This bond combines two and makes us Zeta Phi Beta Sigma, the blue and white family.

"The Great Creation"
By Soror Shennell Bonner
Alpha Eta Chapter (USF)

"In the beginning the creator
created the earth, the sun,
the moon, man, woman, and the stars above

He called his man
Alpha Phi
and woman
Alpha Kappa
because they were separate
yet they were first

As time went on GOD created others
there was
Kappa, Omega,

But a year from the time of
his last creation
the creator grew agitated

He was not happy with all
he created with his hands
so He decided to create a new man

With clay rich in
knowledge and strength
he formed his body
and with the the hottest
of blue fire & white brimstone he formed his heart

When the creator placed
the pure white heart into
his ultimate man the heart began to pump
rich royal blue blood through his body

The creator said your
last name is to be
and your first
Phi Beta
because no one in heaven or on earth
but GOD and the angels shall be greater

He gave
Sigma his duties
and sent him on his way

As time went on the heart
Sigma man grew sad
this did not please the creator
so GOD called on
Sigma to see what was wrong

"Great Creator I am lonely," said
I long for a sister who can be my friend and companion

The creator saw it was time
to create the perfect woman

He put
Sigma to sleep and
next to him with clay rich
with knowledge and strength
he formed her body and with
the brightest star and the
shiniest pearl he formed her heart

When he placed this
pure white heart into
her body it too began
to pump a blood rich and royal blue

The creator named her
for she was the epitome of finer womanhood,
the true meaning of beauty and a perfect
example of what an elegant woman of GOD should be

Her last name shall be
Phi Beta
not only because she is of
but also because no other woman shall be greater

Sigma took Zeta's hand and the
creator gave them their duties
after which they went into the world
together to bring light to the world."

This information was graciously provided by the ladies of the Quintessential Alpha Chapter at Howard University.