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The Madd Kappa Rho Chapter

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The idea...

The Kappa Rho chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. was chartered at the University of Wisconsin at Madison on May 23, 1979. The idea to start a Phi Beta Sigma chapter in Madison, Wisconsin first originated in the fall of 1978, and was the brainchild of Bros. Anthony L. McKnight and Lowell U. Collins.

What they started in 1978 has grown consistently since then, and the Sigma Light which they saw continues to live in the hearts of the men who have been initiated into the Fraternity through Kappa Rho, and who continue to strive for excellence.

The Fraternity's Motto: Culture for Service and Service for Humanity is fully embodied by the men who make up the Kappa Rho Chapter

Fifteen lines have been made at "Mad" Kappa Rho. They are as follows:

        Spring 1979 (I)

"Sigma Connection":

1)Bro. James A. Bailey (Professor)

2)Bro. Blane McGee (Mr. Slick)

Spring 1979 (II)

"Blue Moon":

1)Bro. Tony L. Gould (Snap)

2)Bro. Kevin A. Juniel (Dr. Dick)

3)Bro. James E. Alexander (Bobba)

4)Bro. Wayne L. Sammuels (Choke)

5)Bro. Frank Caldwell, Jr. (Lurch)

6)Bro. Cornelius A. May (Bopcorn)

The brothers of "Sigma Connection" and "Blue Moon" make up the 8 charter members of the Kappa Rho chapter. To them, we tip our hats, and we thank them for having the courage and fortitude to prepare the way for all who would come after them.

Spring 1981

"A New Beginning":

1)Bro. Bristol S. Ellington (Sir Rabb)

2)Bro. Calvin Eleby, II (Mr. President)

3)Bro. Victor C. Nwagbaraocha (C.H.E.S.S.)


Fall 1981

"Quiet Storm":

1)Bro. Harry Ogden (Mr. Serious)

Spring 1983

"The Blue J.E.T.":

1)Bro. Steven Lamont Hatch (Youngblood)

2)Bro. Damon Mark Williams (Sure Shot)

3)Bro. James Alex Cunningham, Jr. (Fearless)

Spring 1984

"S.S. Blue Horizon":

1)Bro. Ricky Allen Bridges (Speedy)

2)Bro. Charles James Holley (Hi-C)

3)Bro. William Harrington (Slow Motion)

Spring 1988

"B.LUE in Effect":

1)Bro. David Prescott Gordon (The Prophet)

Spring 1989

"Distinct yet B.L.U.E.":

1)Bro. Monte McDowell (Lil' General)

2)Bro. Lee Coleman (FACES)

3)Bro. Dione Hester (Billy F.)

4)Bro. Craig S. Hudson (H.O.U.S.E.)

Spring 1990

"Blue Night, White Day":

1)Bro. Sakiya (Harris) Sandifer (SHAK-E)

2)Bro. Tyran B. Washington (Silky-T)*

Spring 1994

"Royal Blue FUNC":

1)Bro. Stephen W. Fusi (MUMBLES) 

2) Bro. Erik Canady

Spring 1997

"Three SHADZ of B.L.U.E.":

1)Bro. Tamanjong (TJ) Fusi (B.luE.-X)

2)Bro. Adebayo Onafuwa (Chill E. B.lue)

3)Bro. Marcus P. Carpenter (Cy-kick B.lue)

Summer 1997 (our first summer line ever!)

"Blue R.O.A.D.S. Scholars":

1)Bro. Ralph V. Williams, III (B.U.F.F. Daddy)

2)Bro. Jay-Sun Bowman (Belated True Blue)

3)Bro. Cecil Martin (Krewe C.L. Blue)

Spring 1998

"Blue Light Enterprise":

1)Bro. Tabunfor L. Fusi (The Blue Knight)

2)Bro. Elliot J. Rupert (EJ) (Phenomenon)

Spring 1999

"S.S. P.O.L.A.R. Blue":

1)Bro. Matthew I. Alpert (W.H.I.T.E. Shadow)

Spring 2000

"Y2 Blue"                       

1) Bro. Nana Gillett-Spio(1S)


*Bro. Washington has moved on to a better resting place. We remain hopeful that he is enjoying everlasting peace and tranquility. May God Bless his soul.